VeVe Reveals New Lamborghini NFT Series

Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace VeVe The companies announced Wednesday that they have teamed up with Automobili Lamborghini, an Italian car manufacturer, to create digital collectibles featuring its iconic sports cars.

The NFTs will be listed on VeVe February 19, and will include the Huracan STO model, with a variety of rare traits. Collectors will be able to display their NFTs on the app’s virtual showrooms and share them on VeVe social media. They can also use AR to “drive” their cars on the streets of the real-world using augmented reality (AR).

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CoinDesk spoke with Dan Crothers, co-founder of VeVe. He said he is excited about offering Lamborghini enthusiasts a new way for them to enjoy their beloved automobile and hopes that the collection will allow sports car fans to Web3.

Crothers stated that Lamborghini ownership or simply driving a Lamborghini is a dream for many. “The best thing about our community is their passion for collecting. But we also hope that this will inspire car enthusiasts into the digital collectibles realm.”

Lamborghini previously released “Epic Road Trip” NFTsThe company isn’t the only luxury car company to enter Web3. Porsche unveiled a series NFTs last month featuring its 911 model. It was met with criticisms from creators and bumps in the road. The German car manufacturer took into account the feedback of its customers and increased its mintage in response. McClaren and Alfa Romeo took their first spins last year with NFTs.

By David Warsh

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