Today in Crypto: ‘Crypto trading activity increased markedly in the wake of Terra & FTX falls’, Huobi. Swarm launches tradable stocks and bonds on-chain


Today in Crypto: ‘Crypto trading activity increased markedly in the wake of Terra & FTX falls’, Huobi. Swarm launches tradable stocks and bonds on-chain.

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Trade news

  • “A new set of data on cryptoasset retail holdings shows that the aftermath of the Terra/Luna The collapse and the FTX “Bankruptcy, cryptocurrency trading activity increased markedly with large and sophisticated buyers selling and smaller retail investors purchasing,” Found The Bank for International Settlements (BIS). It shows that major crypto exchange data from August 2015 to December 2022 showed that most crypto app users suffered losses on their bitcoin (BTC), and that the market turmoil in 2022 had little impact on wider financial conditions. This highlights the self-referential nature crypto as an asset class.
  • Manager of a crypto fund CoinShares It stated in its Q4 2022 Report that it was still “financially strong” despite the FTX collapse, ReportingRevenue for Q4 2022: $10.7m (Q4 2020: $31.2m); Revenue for the Full Year 2022: $62.5m (FY2021: $98m); Total Comprehensive Income for Q4 2022: Negative $44.9m (Q4 2020: Income of $34.7m); Total Comprehensive Income for the Full Year 2022: $3.64m. (FY2021: $137.55m). “As we head into 2023, we continue to focus on growing our digital asset management company and our institutional offerings.” .

Exchange news

  • Huobi It announced plans to relocate Asia’s headquarters to Hong Kong. “Huobi is excited about Hong Kong’s procrypto policies and we’re working hard for our crypto license. It is our goal to be the first fully compliant exchange in Hong Kong and to work with our Asia-Pacific users for digital asset growth. . This is after Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced plans to allow retail investors trade digital currencies on licensed exchanges.

Information about investments

  • Platform that is regulated Swarm Announcement The launch of “a world first public investment offering” Apple, Tesla“, and two US Treasury Bond ETFs on Decentralized Finance (DeFi). These are iShares US Treasury Bond ETFs 0-1 and 1-3 years respectively. Swarm plans on adding stocks and real-world assets to the portfolio in the future. You can find the fully asset-backed tokens on the Polygon Blockchain is available for institutional and retail investors with no minimum investment. Trading will be available starting Thursday, and is compliant with German regulation on Swarm’s permitted DeFi platform.
  • Polyhedra NetworkToday, a Web3 infrastructure solution provider that leverages Zero-knowledge-proof (ZKP), technology, announced it had raised $10 million in strategic funding. Binance Labs And Polychain CapitalParticipation from Animoca Brands And dao5. According to a press release, the funds will be used to support ecosystem growth, recruitment of additional engineers talent and research on ZKP protocol. Polyhedra Network will combine its zkBridge, zkDID, and zkBridge infrastructures with other blockchain networks, launch APIs, and SDKs. It also continued to improve its paraPlonk protocol in order to attract developers.
  • Insurance system Recovery Crypto It announced its new platform, which allows users to insure tokens in the event of a loss or theft. According to an announcement, the service will cover cold and decentralized wallets, while providing token insurance for all tokens, including stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens. It also stated that Recovery Crypto will be available online in February (TBD).
  • Staking solutions and provider of blockchain access node RockX A press release stated that the company launched an enterprise-grade staking platform that can be used by both retail and institutional customers. It is currently in beta launch and allows users to track token allocations and the corresponding rewards for all chains they are currently staked. The platform also provides analytical insights that will enable them to maximize staking yield. Supported chains currently include Polkadot, Solana, Kusama, OsmosisAnd PersistenceMore to come.

DeFi news

  • Shiba Inu Layer-2 network Shibarium Beta mode will be available starting next week According Follow Bone ShibaSwap on Twitter This is the scaling solution. BONE As its governance token.
  • Web3 platform RECUR Announced a partnership with NEAR protocol will integrate blockchain technology into their products. This will allow the NEAR ecosystem to access RECUR. A press release stated that brands and developers using NEAR (such as Paras and SailGP) will now have access to the RECUR Builder platform. It added that users can withdraw digital collectibles from any experience built on RECUR or Powered by RECUR, as well as marketplaces like Far & Few, through this partnership.
  • peaq FoundationThe non-profit organization that supports the peaq network, unveiled Peaq control is the command and control centre for robot, machine and vehicle owners. An announcement stated that the decentralized application (dapp) is now available in public beta and allows owners of connected devices to connect with the layer-1 blockchain network and its wider dapp ecosystem to earn while they provide services to other machines and people. Users will be able, via peaq control to bring their electric cars (EVs), charging stations and drones, as well as various sensors and other devices, into the peer-to–peer Economy of Things at peaq.

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