A New Document reveals that Ruja Ignatova, a OneCoin crypto fraudster, was ‘Killed in Greece’ by Drug Lord in 2018. – What’s the Deal?

A New Document reveals that Ruja Ignatova, a OneCoin crypto fraudster, was ‘Killed in Greece’ by Drug Lord in 2018. What’s the Deal?

According to a new report, Ruja Ignatova, founder of OneCoin’s infamous crypto scam, was shot and killed by a drug lord on board a yacht in Greece. Report Published by investigative journalists

According to the report Ignatova was killed by Hristoforos “Taki” Amanatidis, a notorious drug lord who wanted to hide his involvement in OneCoin. According to the report, the murder took place in November 2018.

The body of Ignatova was then said to have been thrown into the Ionian Sea off the west coast Greece.

According to the report, Hristo Hristov was the man responsible for the murder. The report stated that he was later detained in connection with drug smuggling allegations in the Netherlands.

The report was posted on Friday, last week, on the website by Bulgaria’s Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (BIRD).

The claim was that the information was revealed by Georgi Georgiev Vasilev, a Bulgarian national, while he was under the influence. Vasilev is Amanatidis’ brother-in-law.

Documents discovered in the home of a deceased police officer

According to BIRD the documents containing the allegations were discovered in the home Lyubomir, a high-ranking police officer from Bulgaria, who was assassinated last year. Investigators discovered taped conversations between Ignatova and his family, which they used to reveal the details of her murder.

Officials from Bulgaria have not confirmed the authenticity of documents or the BIRD reports.

Interpol has been searching for Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin’s founder, since 2017. OneCoin, which raised around $4bn in crypto frauds before Ignatova vanished with the money, is still being investigated by Interpol.

Since she flew from Sofia, Bulgaria, to Athens (Greece) in October 2017, Ignatova’s location has remained a mystery.

For information leading to Ignatova’s arrest, the FBI will offer a $100,000 reward.

For sale: Apartment

In January, Ruja Ignatova put up for auction a London penthouse that was believed to be hers. It was listed for PS11 million. Since Ignatova purchased it, the property has been largely empty with the exception of a short stay in 2016.

Jamie Bartlett (host of The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast), says that the property listing indicates that Ignatova may still be alive.

Officially, the world’s most wanted lady is listed as the ultimate beneficial owner a London penthouse. It indicates she is alive and there are vital clues about her whereabouts,” Bartlett stated at the time.

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