Is FBI’s Most Wanted Cryptoqueen Brutally Murdered (Report)

Recent sources in Bulgaria suggest that Ruja Ignatova (a.k.a. the “Cryptoqueen”) may have been murdered in November 2018.

She is the creator of the scam OneCoin, and was last seen in Greece in 2017.

More evidence about her possible death

Media outlets in Bulgaria have seen secret police documents revealed It is possible that Ruja Ignatova, the notorious drug lord, was brutally murdered more than four years ago. According to rumors, the hitman was acting for the Hristoforos Amanatidis, the local drug lord (“Taki”) and chopped her body before throwing her remains into the Ionian Sea.

Rumours have it that “Taki” is the leader of a criminal gang as well as one of the East European drug kingpins. After having issues with several political parties, he moved from Bulgaria to manage his affairs. According to some reports, he ordered Ignatova’s assassination due to his connection with OneCoin, a fraudulent cryptocurrency project.

Between 2014 and 2016, the “Cryptoqueen”, her brainchild, scammed millions of people and stole more than $4 billion from victims. After the authorities began investigating the fraud, she vanished and was last seen in Athens (Greece) in 2017.

Another theory is that Ignatova, who is Included She is on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List” and is located in the Mediterranean Sea, far from the coast. (Where law enforcement agencies are not authorized to arrest her).

Her Boyfriend goes to Prison

Recently, the Southern District of New York (SDNY), Courthouse Slapped Gilbert Armenta, Ignatova’s ex-boyfriend, was sentenced to five years in prison.

Prosecutors said he hid $300 million of OneCoin scam proceeds and purchased luxurious items, including a jet-plane.

Armenta also broke his agreement with authorities by selling the plane, taking a $5 million check and bribing Mexican entities. He also gambled money taken from OneCoin victims.

He pleaded guilty in 2018 to wire fraud, money laundering and extortion. This secured him a reduced sentence. Ex-lover Ignatova asked for his sentence to be served in FCI Miami Federal Prison, a low-security correctional facility for male prisoners. This request is still being considered by the magistrates.

By David Warsh

David Warsh is a leading expert in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of digital currencies and the potential they hold for revolutionizing various industries.