Cool Cats Claws Mainstream Strategy, Rebrands To Expand Audience Beyond Web3

Popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection Cool Cats The collection is currently undergoing a rebrand to expand its reach beyond Web3 and reach mainstream audiences.

Wednesday’s town hall meeting was attended by community members. The founders of the collection discussed their plans to become a global brand. They also talked about how they plan to use the intellectual property (IP), of the collection, to create new content. The collection’s Blue Cat character will allow users to explore Cooltopia’s metaverse in new ways beyond the limited collector audience.

“This rebrand represents a new strategic direction at Cool Cats. It is one that is focused [on] “On-boarding the next generation of Cool Cats members and scaling our brand presence both inside and outside of Web3,” Colin Egan, cofounder of Cool Cats, told CoinDesk.

Cool Cats has a number of partnerships in place to expand their audience. For example, they will be deploying a float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Cool Cats is also partnering with Ledger, a crypto wallet provider, to create Web3 content via Ledger Quest’s education platform. There are additional activations that involve holograms or gaming.

Cool Cats has also introduced a series of new features that will increase token holders’ engagement. Cool Cats has introduced a “Cool Score” to encourage collectors to engage with the community. Also, “fracture NFTs” allow users to participate in digital storytelling using digital collectibles.

Jaclyn Woo (director of marketing and strategy at Cool Cats) stated that “whether you’re using our PFPs, attending one of our events or wearing merch that’s the emotional feeling that they want to enable for everybody in our community, that’s the emotion that we want to enable.” It’s a recognition to our community, our Web3 roots and our communities. We want to keep crafting stories and building products as we grow and evolve.

Cool Cats will be available in March 2022 Signed with the big-three Hollywood talent agency Creative Artists Agency To expand beyond NFTs. Data from OpenSea secondary marketThe collection trades at a current floor price of 2.3ETH, which is about $3,770, with a 117.056 ETH trading volume or approximately $191,972,00.

It is Cool Pets is a derivative collection Cooltopia allows users to create and develop fictional characters in order to enjoy Cooltopia. It has a 0.12ETH floor price of about $190 and a trading volume of 30,640 Ethereum, which is approximately $50,251,240.

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By David Warsh

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