Today in Crypto: Galaxy & PayPal Invest in Chaos Labs; Tezos Partners With Google Cloud; BitPay and ZenLedger Join Hands; The Sandbox Collaborates With Ubisoft; Opera Releases Alteon LaunchPad

Today in Crypto: Galaxy & PayPal Invest in Chaos Labs; Tezos Partners With Google Cloud; BitPay and ZenLedger join Hands; The Sandbox Collaborates With Ubisoft; Opera Launches Alteon LaunchPad

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Information about investments

  • Chaos LabsThe US-based cloud platform for protecting blockchains and protocols called. It was funded by an investment management firm. Galaxy Digital Payments giant PayPalParticipation from Coinbase Ventures, Polygon, Avalanche, OpenSeaAnd UniSwapThis is among other things. The funds will be used to “automate on-chain risks optimization” and will enable the team to “expand our product line & maintain optimal risk management.” According Omer Goldberg, founder and CEO of Chaos Labs, is the author.

Blockchain news

  • The Tezos FoundationThis promotes the adoption Tezos Blockchain announced today that it is working alongside Google Cloud To accelerate Web3 app development on the Tezos Blockchain. According to a press release, the collaboration will see Google Cloud become a Tezos network validateator (or “baker”) as well as Tezos supporting Google Cloud’s corporate customers in deploying Tezos nodes. It was also announced that selected Tezos incubator startup will be eligible for Google Cloud credits and mentorship through the Google for Startups Cloud Program.
  • Router ProtocolThe devnet launch for its Layer 1 blockchain was announced by, an infrastructure company that enables communication between blockchains. According to the announcement Router chainThe primary goal of the project is to increase Web3 adoption through solving existing problems in cross blockchain communications such as security, scaleability, decentralization and a dearth of cross-chain decentralized apps. It stated that Route Chain introduced the concept of composability in the interoperability space for the first-time.
  • Provider of Web3 data Covalent It announced that it will expand its work with blockchain infrastructure provider NodeRealThis will include the release of Premium Balance API. Premium Balance API is a premium offering that developers can use to benefit from NodeReal’s infrastructure as well as Covalent’s blockchain data pool. Developers can maximize API capabilities with the Premium Balance API by increasing speed and efficiency in data queries. The announcement.

Tax news

  • Service provider of crypto payment BitPay A partnership was announced with the crypto tax software company ZenLedger. According to the press release, BitPay users can sync their wallet transactions directly within the app to ZenLedger’s tax software. It said that ZenLedger can automatically calculate the cost basis, fair value, gains/losses, tax-loss harvesting, and cost basis for each user’s transaction history with just a few taps on the BitPay app. Current and new BitPay app users will be able to save 20% on their annual ZenLedger subscriptions. They also get free access to ZenLedger’s tax-loss harvesting tool.

Gaming news

  • The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world that is decentralized and a subsidiary Animoca BrandsIn collaboration with a video game publisher Ubisoft2,066 unique announcements Rabbids Each avatar has its own benefits and features. The announcement states that the Rabbids will be able to unlock special utility in the virtual world. This includes surprises and drops. For those on the allow list, the collection will be available for purchase on February 21. The public sale will begin the following day. On February 25, the avatars will be made available to their owners.
  • Web3 game development studio Laguna Games Announced the appointment Andrew “Zyori” Campbell to the position of Product and Market Growth Lead. “As a former Program Leader, I am proud to announce the appointment of Andrew ‘Zyori’ Campbell as Product and Market Growth Lead. Axie Infinity Zyori is a leader in Esports and Content Creators. She brings extensive experience and firsthand storytelling to Laguna Games. This will help in developing a sustainable web3 economy. Crypto Unicorns

NFT news

  • Opera The release of Alteon LaunchPadOpera Crypto Browser has a brand new tool called, which allows anyone to quickly mint non-fungible tokens. Platform usage fees and special requirements are not required. However, users will need to pay a standard fee for minting NFTs. . To view their NFT and review details of their smart contracts, users can drag and drop files to Alteon LaunchPad. LaunchPad will upload the file to a Blockchain. Users can then view their NFT in Opera Crypto Browser. After that, they can either share the media files via dapps, or sell them on private markets.
  • Kimo Sabe Mezcal Announcement Kimo Sabe Mezcal Sacred Heritage Collection NFTWith the press release Say it Each bottle of Kimo Sabe 6 year Grand Reserve Anejo Anejo is unique. It features hand-beaded designs inspired by spiritual visions from Huichol artisans. It said that Kimo Sabe collaborated with the Huichol (Wixarika), people, who are the last nomadic tribes in the Americas to create this project to honor the Huichol people’s extraordinary art.

Web3 news

  • The Web3 Domain AllianceThe member-led coalition aimed at improving the technology and public policy environment for Web3 naming service users announced 51 new members., Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirXAnd KleverA press release stated that, among other naming system, projects, or companies, is. Alliance members include Unstoppable Domains, will make technological contributions to improve interoperability and security standards. It added that Unstoppable had irrevocably committed to not assert against Alliance members any of its patents necessary for adopting the Alliance’s interoperability or security standards.

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