Today in Crypto: BNB Chain Unveils the 3rd Blockchain in BNB Ecosystem. Tether ‘Never Borrowed From Celsius’. Ripple Sold $226M worth of XRP in Quarter Four


Today in Crypto: BNB Chain Unveils the 3rd Blockchain in BNB Ecosystem. Tether ‘Never Borrowed From Celsius’, Ripple Sells $226M of XRP in Quarter 4.

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Blockchain news

  • BNB Chain unveiled The whitepaper describes a new, blockchain-based Web3 infrastructure. It includes a press release stating that the core team and some community developers are involved. Amazon Web Services (AWS), NodeRealAnd Blockdaemon Have started to work on BNB Greenfield We have a testnet ready and will release it in the next few months. BNB Greenfield is a decentralized storage system that integrates smart contracts for Web3 applications. The whitepaper describes the design of BNB Greenfield. It will be the third blockchain in the BNB ecosystem.
  • Mars HubA lending protocol for the collapsed Terra Blockchain has launched its mainnet CosmosAccording to a blog post. Red Bank Outposts will be established on other chains to expand the network, with the first being in Osmosis Cosmos’ Leading [decentralized exchange] It stated that DEX has more than $180million in total value locked (TVL),

Information about investments

  • Paolo Ardoino is the chief technology officer Tether And Bitfinex crypto exchange, Tether claims that it has never borrowed money from Twitter Celsius” “The doc mix “from” with “to.” Either is a typo or a mis-characterization,” Ardoino said.
  • Startups based in the USA Ripple Net of purchases, $226 million was sold in Q4 of XRP tokens, compared with $310.68 million the previous quarter. According The quarterly markets report. Additionally, the company reported transactions exceeding 106.4 million XRP LedgerThis is compared with 103 million in Q3 and the creation 228,143 new user wallets compared to 125,225 in Q3.
  • Finance platform Intain Inc. Has launched IntainMARKETSA marketplace for tokenized asset backed securities, built as an Avalanche Subnet. Per IntainMARKETS announced that it automates the integration of functions from key stakeholders in structured financing, including the trustee, underwriters, rating agencies, trustees, servicers, trustees, and issuers. Intain’s initial platform IntainADMINIt added that, facilitates the administration and management of assets worth more than $5.5B across more than 25 transactions.
  • Cronos Labsa blockchain startup accelerator, which focuses on Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Blockchain Games, and the development the Cronos ecosystem. Announcement The second cohort of the $100M-backed Cronos Accelerator Program will open applications. It is scheduled to begin on April 24. The selected projects will undergo a 12-week acceleration program, receive seed funding up to $30,000 upfront, and have the opportunity to obtain additional seed funding up to $300,000.

DeFi news

  • Provider of cryptography services Threshold network Announcement The launch of tBTCThe, a decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin-to-Ethereum bridge that is scalable, decentralized, and unrestricted. According to a press release, users will be able to wrap their BTC in order for tBTC tokens which can then be used in the Ethereum ecosystem. tBTC’s optimistic mining model is now available in partnership with Curve DAO, Yearn.Finance, Synthetix, Connext, Alchemix, EulerAnd Aave As minters, with support Catalog, BadgerDAO, StakeDAO, Entropy, and some members of the community as guardians.
  • Twitter Alternative Damus The website went live Apple App Store yesterday, Per An announcement from the team. Based on the decentralized network protocol NostrIt promises a social network that is censorship-resistant and allows users to control their private messaging.

Energy news

  • IOTA It announced the success of its EnergieKnip Projects in the Netherlands that use decentralized ledger tech (DLT), to help citizens save money and live more sustainably. This allows them to anonymously share their energy consumption data with local authorities. To encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint, the app also offers reward tokens. Per The announcement stated that 50,000 wallets had been created in the first EnergieKnip Project for as many households as possible (a total of approximately 106,000 people). The final result was 300,000 euros being distributed to 9,000 active wallets. All this anonymously and decentralised.

Mining news

  • Luxor TechnologiesA request-for-quote platform (RFQ) was launched by, a full-stack Bitcoin software and services company. It allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin mining hardware. An RFQ marketplace lets users place requests (orders) for specific items. The announcement states that Luxor’s RFQ marketplace will be dual-sided. This means both buyers and sellers can place requests for mining hardware. It added that they can make requests and negotiate prices, which “improves price discovery and increases liquidity in the secondary ASIC marketplace.”

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