Today in Crypto: 24% New Tokens in 2022, Similar to Pump-and Dump Schemes. Mercuryo & ConsenSys Reveal Integration within MetaMask. Unstoppable Domains & Opera Expand Partnership


Today in Crypto: 24% New Tokens in 2022, Similar to Pump-and Dump Schemes. Mercuryo & ConsenSys Reveal Integration within MetaMask. Unstoppable Domains & Opera Expand Partnership

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Security news

  • “In 2022, there were 40,521 tokens that gained enough traction to warrant analyzing. 9,902, or 24% saw a price drop in the first week, which could indicate possible pump-and-dump activity.” A new report from a blockchain analysis company Chainalysis. The total amount of crypto spent by buyers not thought to be associated with the tokens creators on the acquisition of some of the suspected pump and dump tokens was $4.6 billion. The report estimates that the tokens creators made $30 million from the sale of their holdings prior to the decline in value.

News about payments

  • Company that offers crypto payments Mercuryo A blockchain company ConsenSys Announced an integration MetaMask According to a press release, this will enable users of major wallets to buy crypto tokens directly from their wallets using bank cards, Apple Pay and other bank transfer methods. It stated that the new system will make it easier to purchase digital assets through instant checkouts and user onboarding.

Web3 news

  • Provider of Web3 domains Unstoppable Domains Expanding its partnership with web browsers OperaOpera users can now build and access Web3 websites powered By Unstoppable from any of Opera’s Web3 enabled desktop or mobile browsers, including the Opera Browser on Desktop (Windows and Mac), Android, and the Opera Crypto Browser. Opera Crypto Wallet users can now transfer crypto to their wallets using Unstoppable Domains, per an announcement.
  • Multi-chain platform Collab.Land A press release stated that the token distribution was to more than two million members. This makes it the largest ever in crypto history. It will engage the community in multiple different ways. Verified members and Collab.Land NFT holders will be able to make a sponsored claim, while top 100 Collab.Land communities can request tokens through a proposal process. These communities are included Parallel, Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi, World of Women, Adidas, Doodles, BanklessDAO You can find out more. It stated that the total retroactive distribution to NFT holders verified member, and top 100 community, amounts to 25% of token supply.

Regulation news

  • Russia’s State Duma Interfax has reported that a bill was passed in its first reading. It will allow financial services marketplaces to merge their operations with those of blockchain platforms that exchange or issue digital financial assets (DFA) Interfax reported today. “The bill expands on the list of activities that are available to financial platform operators by incorporating the activities of an operator in an information system where DFA can be issued and the activities exchange operators. “This innovation will enable the establishment of new business models on the financial markets based on digital transformation of financial service,” the bill’s explanation materials stated.

Tax news

  • Crypto tax platform CoinTracker It announced multichain expansion in support of Arbitrum, OptimismAnd CosmosAn announcement stated that the company aims to “simplify the digital asset tax filing process”. CoinTracker will support these chains in the following ways.

Blockchain news

  • Gaming-optimized Blockchain Oasys Announcement The Japan-based telecommunications company SoftBank As an Oasys official validator, I joined. It said that the partnership extended beyond Softbank’s role of validators. The two companies are exploring potential collaborations, including the development and use of blockchain-based services in the future.
  • FedML, a Collaborative/Federated Machine Learning and Edge AI Platform, announced today that it will partner with media and entertainment blockchain Theta Network Theta’s edge network powered collaborative machine learning and Generative AI. According to an announcement, “Theta‚Äôs Edge Network, which is operated by 10sof thousands of decentralized nodes around the world, provides the ideal base for distributed computing required for collaborative machine learning and AI use case scenarios.”

Exchange news

  • BitMEX It announced its latest partnership agreement with OnramperA fiat-tocrypto onramp aggregater that allows users to access multiple fiat tocrypto gateways through one API. BitMEX announced that it has integrated with Onramper and now supports “the largest possible number of fiat currencies, payments methods, and cryptocurrencies in one solution.” Users can deposit funds instantly into the exchange, or swap fiat for their preferred token.

Career news

  • The experimental collective unpaired. It announced that it had hired Kimberly Knoller to be Chief Marketing Officer, and Yoav Telet to be Chief Growth & Innovation Officer. Knoller was previously the CMO. PixelynxA music metaverse project… is a marketing and branding executive with executive experience at Warner Records, Sony MusicAnd The Knoller Group agency. Tchelet played a key role in the establishment and growth of digital art marketplace marketing and growth. SuperRare. “unpaired. NFT Paris will be represented as the title sponsor this year and they will host the official closing party with the NFT Project Party Degens.” it said.

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