These 3 Altcoins Could 10X in 2023 as The Graph Price Rises

These 3 Altcoins Could 10X in 2023 as The Graph Price Soars

The ‘Google of Blockchain’ – The Graph has launched 2023 with a spectacular rally.

This top 100 coin is making a comeback after a slow bleed from the 2021 Bull Run. Cascading price movement throughout 2022’s GRT Death Slide finally reached $0.05 on December 30.

Initial price action for GRT was triggered by macro sentiment. The Fed’s surprisedovish tone reenergized markets and crypto began to rise with it.

The January uptick was not remarkable compared to GRT’s past performance on markets. However, many prices began to fall as Bollinger bands increased throughout the month.

GRT had seen a 67% increase in its sales by January’s end. A more important aspect is that GRT had created a local support area at $0.08- $0.09.

GRT saw a huge spike in the first week of February. Market Alt Season began to take hold and big green candles climbed up the charts on February 4.

It was a weekend that saw GRT break through the toughest resistance levels. The price of GRT was $0.20, which produced a massive 108% increase. Ten months ago, we reclaimed territory that was last seen in May 2022.

Today’s $0.18 price action was both bullish as well as perilous. After this price exploration, a local retrace appears to be in progress.

What is the maximum height The Graph (GRT), could go?

Consolidation is key. If the price stabilizes at or above $0.17, that would open the door to a run-up for testing the next price level of $0.30.

However, if the price moves to support in a complete retracement, this would most likely bring GRT back to $0.08-$0.09.

The indicators are helpful. The RSI 14 was overheated on the latest pump, reaching a seismic 91. Consolidation is already underway as the RSI cooling down quickly and is now at a comfortable 69.

However, this still indicates bearish divergence. Bulls are reassured by the cooling, which means that bulls can still get buy pressure.

MACD has risen to a record high of 0.0043 – a signal of bullish divergence that conflicts with the RSI. This indicates that GRT is primarily in consolidation and not retracement. This suggests that another move up may be possible.

Is GRT in suspected consolidation an attractive entry point?

From current prices, a move up to $0.30 is possible. This would result in a 64% increase. A retracement to $0.09 local support would create a downside risk that is -50%.

Why is The Graph (GRT), rallying?

The Graph is well-known in the market. The Graph is often called the “Google of Blockchain”. GRT allows developers to create’subgraphs,’ which search and retrieve information from Blockchains. Similar to LINK, but more search functions than data feeds.

GRT was born out of a surge in interest in blockchain projects that are focused on AI and Big Data. The Graph is actually the. Most searched-for This year’s AI/Big Data project.

The release of Messari’s State of the Graph Q4 was crucial in empowering bulls on February 4. Report. This excited the GRT community which had experienced a disappointing 2022.

The report shows a 151% YoY increase in subgraphs on The Graph main network. This translated into a 265% YoY rise in revenue from query (search) fees on The Graph.

The Graph recently launched a multi-chain incentive program. To drive ecosystem growth, indexers will receive 75m in GRT.

GRT’s 3-year token issue is over. This will be the final driving force. schedule. This caused a decline in the price of GRT tokens throughout 2021-2022. However, all GRT tokens are now available for sale.

What other coins might explode like GRT in this month’s monetary crisis?

The Meta Masters Guild: Leveling up GameFi

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), a decentralized GameFi ecosystem, is offering a new way for players to earn and play.

This platform combines the best mobile games and blockchain technology to create an innovative platform.

You will have one currency as a player: the Meta Masters Guild token (MEMAG). It can be used to earn and transact across all games within the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.

MMG’s ecosystem values community involvement and fairness. Participants have the opportunity to earn passively. Assuring that the experience is not limited by the economics.

There are three high-octane titles, including Meta Kart Racers, in development and partnerships are on the horizon. MEMAG has tremendous potential.

The security of assets is key to this project’s success. The gaming experience is enhanced by the self-custody and ownership of in-game assets.

MEMAG offers investors the chance to invest in a rapidly growing ecosystem that is disrupting the traditional gaming industry.

Not least because MEMAG is breaking the GameFi trend. It is promising to offer strong entertainment before focusing on financial opportunities.

This simple fact has been the downfall of many attempts to capitalize in the GameFi market.

Pre-sales of the $MEMAG token are currently underway. Early adopters have the opportunity to purchase tokens at a reduced rate.

To learn more about the Meta Masters Guild and to participate in the presale, go to the website.

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Delivering next-gen Move-2-Earn in Web3: Fight Out

Fight Out ($FGHT) is a great way to win big and sweat it out. You have until the end of the presale to purchase the FGHT token.

Fight Out is changing how we think about fitness. The app tracks your real-life workouts and rewards you for taking part in classes, challenges, or personal routines.

Fight Out is an online platform that allows people to learn to move-to earn (M2E) and creates a fun, new way to approach exercise.

Earn $REPS which can be used to redeem for discounts or perks. You can also get exclusive benefits by using the native $FGHT token. You can even increase your earnings by using this token!

They are giving away $250k to one lucky participant of the presale.

Do not miss the chance to join the revolution. Visit Fight Out’s website for more information about the pre-sale. Secure your spot in the future sports.

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C Charge: EV profits put in your pocket

C Charge ($CCHG), a brand new cryptocurrency, is shaking up the carbon credit market.

This start-up is aiming to capitalize on the $2.4 trillion industry growth by 2027. It’s not hard to see its importance.

We see EV charging stations appearing all over the place for fleets full of shiny Teslas. C Charge proposes a way for everyone to get a piece of this pie.

The company offers a Peer-2Peer (P2P), payment system for electric vehicle (EV) charging using blockchain technology.

This system allows EV drivers to earn carbon credits and make a profit from the industry’s growth.

Carbon credits are currently only available to large EV manufacturers such as Tesla. These profits shouldn’t be concentrated in the hands of just a few.

C Charge is a program that aims to equalize the playing field and give these rewards to EV owners.

Pre-sales of the CCHG token are already underway. This gives early investors a chance at the ground floor of this ecofriendly project. Early bird investors can also win $50k.

Get involved in the C Charge revolution today to make a positive impact on the environment.

This is your chance to help a promising project with big potential returns.

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