The Best Crypto to Buy Right Now 6 February – MEMAG and AGIX, FHT, FGHT. SHIB, CCHG

The Best Crypto To Buy Today 6 February – MEMAG and AGIX, FGHT. SHIB, CCHG

The cryptocurrency market started the week poorly. Bitcoin hit a seven-day low in the trading session today. After the publication of a robust report, the bullish trend has slowed slightly. Report on U.S. Non-farm PayrollsThis raises concerns about Fed’s inflation policy. What are the top cryptos you can buy right now?

The past five days have been Bitcoin The price of Ethereum has been in steady decline since January 30, when it reached $22,631.72 for the lowest level since January 30. After being rejected at the resistance level $1,675, Ethereum also saw a drop of 2.24% yesterday. ETH trades at $1,647.85 right now, close to its psychological support level.

Despite recent declines, the outlook for cryptocurrency markets is still positive. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading above critical support levels and the RSI supporting potential growth.

Investors have a great opportunity to review their portfolios and find new investment opportunities due to the market downturn. This could include looking for tokens that have high growth potential, particularly those in the early stages, such as presales. These are often good deals.

Tokens that have a positive technical and/or fundamental outlook should be considered by investors. These tokens include MEMAG, AGIX and FGHT.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Builds Community in Mobile Games

As the mobile gaming market explodes, mobile gamers will be able to experience a new level of gaming. Meta Masters Guild (MMG). It is preparing to launch its Web3 Gaming Guild. This gaming network will offer a portal to community and rewards players of mobile games. It will also establish an economy that is based on a metaverse collective using MEMAG cryptocurrency.

MMG aims to foster a gaming environment that uses the latest Web3 technology and create games with gamers in mind, rather than profit. MMG offers players the opportunity to collaborate with other participants in decentralized networks. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) As incentives, you can get crypto rewards

For their contributions to the game’s ecosystem and skills, players will receive a large amount of MEMAG cryptocurrency. They will also have the power to influence certain aspects of the game’s ecosystem.

Gamers will be able get tangible value out of their Gem rewards and NFT items through the transparent economy system. MMG has developed a racing game called “Meta Kart Racers” for mobile devices to launch the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. Other engaging Web3 games will soon be available from developer partners.

The MEMAG token pre-sale was a huge success. Investors contributed an incredible $3.18 million, propelling the platform to success upon its launch. MEMAG is one of the most popular cryptos you can buy.

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SingularityNet (AGIX).

Institutional investors have noticed a surge in interest for Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has led to an increase in the value and demand for AI tokens. A Recent survey by JP Morgan This clearly shows an interest in AI technology among institutional investors with 53% investing in the field. This is a significant increase from the 25% reported in previous surveys.

AGIX, an AI token from SingularityNET has been performing extraordinarily well. They are also one of the most profitable assets in the crypto market heading into 2023. AGIX, for instance, has seen an increase in its value of over 850% with no signs that it is slowing.

Yesterday’s closing price of the cryptocurrency was up 42% and saw a significant volume increase to 634.855M, which is a substantial gain from its moving average 278.621M. AGIX reached its all-time record of $0.48 in today’s trading session.

AGIX is currently trading at $0.43, with a 2.5% drop in value over the last 24 hours. AGIX also tested Fib 0.786 at $0.41 today. This level could be the immediate support level for cryptocurrency. Next is the psychological level at $0.50, followed by the extended Fib1.272 level at $0.56.

Fight Out (FGHT), Fights for a True Fitness Community

Fight Out wants to make it easier for us to stay fit by offering innovative fitness apps and new locations. Fight Out uses Web3 technology to provide personalized workout plans that help users reach their goals quicker. They can also join a support group of like-minded people to help them stay motivated, have fun, and earn rewards for being active.

The M2E app is a great companion for fitness and health lovers who are determined in achieving their goals. The app will reward users with REPS tokens to encourage them to achieve their goals.

Fight Out has revolutionized the gym experience through its community-driven platform. Interactive features like user profiles on “mirrors”, sensors that provide personalized training instructions, and a link to the app, will help it stand out among other gyms.

Fight Out has recruited Amanda Ribas, a mixed martial artist from the UFC, and Savannah Marshall, a former WBO middleweight champion, as brand ambassadors. These renowned industry figures will give users privileged access and instruction via Fight Out’s platform.

Fight Out is offering a 50% bonus on investments above $50K. Rates will rise in the next stage of Fight Out’s pre-sale, which has already raised $4mn.

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Shiba Inu (SHIB)

After trading sideways for 16 consecutive days in the $0.00001085- $0.00001294 range, Shiba Inu’s SHIB stock price broke out of that range last Saturday with a significant 15.57% movement. The price lost 2.72% after the candle closed yesterday. However, it immediately recovered.

The potential price levels at which the price could react to Fibonacci retracement levels on the most recent swing can be plotted. The Fib 0.236 level at $0.00001460 rejected the price earlier, which suggests that this level could be the short-term resistance to SHIB. Fib 0.382, $0.00001388 may provide immediate support.

If the price regains these levels successfully and surpasses the swing high of $0.00001575 then the horizontal resistance zone of $0.00001689-$0.00001770 is next possible target for this cryptocurrency.

C Charge’s CCHG’s real utility makes it one of the best cryptos to buy today

C Charge’s peer-to-peer reward program and payment platform will revolutionize the electric vehicle charging industry. C Charge, which leverages blockchain technology and develops impressive partnerships, will soon enable EV owners to effortlessly locate charging stations while being rewarded. Carbon credit cryptocurrency.

You have the chance to purchase CCHG tokens at $0.013 USDT in the first phase of the presale. Prices will increase to $0.02350 in three subsequent stages. This unique project has already raised over $705K, and is well on its path to raising enough funds to launch a high-quality app. CCHG will be one of the most popular cryptos you can buy right now.

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