Structured Finance Platform Intain opens Tokenized Marketplace For Asset-Backed Securities

IntainMarkets is a platform that allows you to trade tokenized asset-backed securities. It was established as an Avalanche Subnet.

A Subnet can be described as a sovereign network with its own rules and tokenomics. They are made up of validators, in this instance. Avalanche validators – They work together to achieve consensus on the state or multiple blockchains.

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Financial institutions are increasingly using tokenization to attract investors. According to a Report Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Asia’s private exchange ADDX predict that the asset tokenization market will grow to $16.1 trillion by 2030.

According to the press release, Intain’s digital marketplace is designed to automate and integrate functions such a verification agent, underwriting and rating agency, servicer and trustee. “Rather than replacing trust intermediaries [IntainMARKETS] The company explained that the platform integrates them into a single platform and process to allow digital issuance and investment on chain.”

Ava Labs, which is behind Avalanche’s layer-1 protocol, stated that this is the first structured financial marketplace that combines tokenized investment and investment with end to end administration on-chain.

Avalanche was chosen by the company as the protocol due to its Subnet architecture. This allows Intain create a permissioned network that can be used by select financial institutions and comply with specific regulatory frameworks.

“Though the blockchain industry has attempted to tokenize, so far, it has not focused on the financial instrument that is based on a complex structure. Tokenization does not address the need for transparency or efficiency,” stated Siddhartha S., founder and CEO of Intain.

According to a press release, IntainADMIN is the company’s first platform. It allows for the administration of assets worth more than $5.5 billion. Intain participated in Wells Fargo’s 2022 Innovation Challenge. Finalists.

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By David Warsh

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