FBI seizes $260,000 worth of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies after tip-off by a Twitter user

FBI seizes $260,000 worth of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies after tip-off by a Twitter user

After a tip-off from ZachXBT, a pseudonymous Blockchain sleuth, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation confiscated more than $260,000 worth of NFTs.

A forfeiture document Published The FBI seized Chase Senecal’s assets on February 4. An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch, valued at $41,000 was also taken by the agency.

After a thorough investigation into Chase Senecal (also known as HZ online), ZachXBT, a self-described crypto expert, made it possible to seize the asset. They said that after months and months of monitoring their group, it was nice to learn that Chase Senecal, one of the major perpetrators of NFT/cryptophishing attacks, has been identified. In a September 1, tweet.

Crypto sleuth uncovered transactions that were connected to NFT hacks. He also revealed that the account used for payment of the watch was tied to these hacks. He discovered that the FBI was aware of his findings, and took the items into custody weeks later on October 24, 2022.

A summary of the investigation shows that Cam (SIM Swapper) sold Senecal Twitter panel access in June 2013 and used it to gain access Twitter accounts and scam NFT holder holders. Senecal used the stolen funds to buy the AP watch, which eventually led to him being caught. HZ purchased the watch from Senecal. This address is linked to numerous Discord server attacks.

The FBI notice contained little information beyond the fact that all the estates had been captured on October 24, but it did not provide any additional details. It is not known how many judicial cases Senecal has been facing.

The FBI has not yet officially acknowledged ZachXBT’s investigation into the hacks. However, the crypto sleuth stated in a recent thread on Twitter that his investigation led him to the asset arrest. He stated:

“I am happy to share that the FBI seized crypto and BAYC 9658, AP Watch, and Doodle 31114 from Horror (HZ), aka Chase Senecal, as a result my thread.”

ZachXBT previously claimed that Senecal was a part of a multimillion-dollar crypto scheme that had compromised more than 600 Discord servers as well as more than 12 Twitter accounts. Senecal’s hacks affected accounts belonging to JRNY Club, the animator DeeKay Kwon.

According to reports, the FBI also assisted in the arrest Anatoly Legkodymov (Russian founder of Hong Kong-registered cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato), who was charged with illegally processing $700 Million.

By David Warsh

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