Best Crypto to Buy Today 17 Feb – MEMAG and MATIC, FGHT. LRC. CCHG. FIL. RIA

Best Crypto to Buy Today 17 Feb – MEMAG and MATIC, FGHT. LRC. CCHG. FIL. RIA

On Thursday, the cryptocurrency market saw a sharp decline with a net outflow totalling $35.215 billion. This resulted in the market cap falling by 3.32% to $1.062 trillion from $1.026 trillion. Bullish investors who have witnessed the cryptocurrency market rally over recent weeks are disappointed by this news. Which are the best cryptos for buying? Today In this environment?

These are the two most important cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Bitcoin and EthereumWith declining market caps, the leader was Ethereum. Bitcoin’s market capital fell by 2.9% to $459.49 Billion, while Ethereum’s dropped by 0.78% at $203.99 Billion.

Bitcoin’s price has been making some gains in the last hour and currently trades at $24,420. Bitcoin’s price climbed above $25,000 earlier this week for the first time since August 2022, but it was unable maintain its gains and then retreated to the current levels as investors started to take profits.

The price of Ethereum has seen a significant recovery over the past hours. It was trading at $1.697 at the time of writing. Ethereum’s price followed a similar pattern as Bitcoin’s. It reached a peak at $1,732 and then fell back to its current levels to hit a low of $1.631.

The The latest crackdown by the SEC on cryptographyIt has charged Do Kwon, Terraform Labs with defrauding investors in an alleged scheme that involved billions of dollars. According to a Southern District of New York court filing, Kwon raised funds from investors by selling unregistered securities and interconnected digital assets.

The SEC complaint Kwon and Terraform Labs misled investors regarding the stability of TerraUSD (UST). They also claimed that Terraform Labs’ cryptocurrency tokens would rise in value.

Luna, a paired token that TerraUSD used to get its value, was the source of TerraUSD’s current value. Investors in TerraUSD lost $42 billion worldwide. TerraUSD was the tenth largest cryptocurrency and had a market capital of more than $18.5 billion before its May 2022 collapse.

Investors are looking for new investment opportunities as Bitcoin’s value increases. To determine the right crypto for you, you should consider the positive technical and/or foundation analysis of coins like MEMAG, MATIC and FGHT.

Meta Masters Guild takes on Web3 Gaming using Next-Gen Platform

Meta Masters Guild is dedicated to solving some of the problems in Web3 gaming by using their cutting-edge platform and innovative gaming concepts. MMG is poised to play a significant role in this growing sector, as the gaming industry shifts towards player empowerment and decentralization.

MMG’s MEMAG token has received a lot of interest from investors. The presale stages sold out repeatedly and the final stage is now complete. MMG’s partnership in 2023 with Gamearound, a prominent game studio, has only added to the excitement.

MMG’s games include Non-Fungible Tokens, which allow players to have different aspects of the game. MEMAG is the MMG ecosystem’s currency. It offers governance and stake features, and serves as the primary way for MMG players to transact.

MMG is keen to capitalize on the $104.5 billion market for Web3 gaming by 2028 according to industry experts. MMG is committed to providing top-quality games and places more emphasis on engaging players than paying-to-progress.

MMG has a clear roadmap and a wide range of games. This makes it well-positioned to be a vibrant gaming ecosystem in the GameFi market. The presale raised $4.950m for investors and has now ended. Investors will be able to access the NFT store and purchase MEMAG NFTs. An announcement about an exchange listing is also forthcoming.

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Polygon (MATIC).

Polygon (MATIC), has seen a steady rise in its value, increasing by 60% over the past two months. Polygon (MATIC) has chosen March 27 to launch its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, (zkEVM). This is expected to be a significant bullish driver for crypto.

The weekly candle for Polygon shows that the price of Polygon is up 17.63%. The cryptocurrency trades at $1.4581 as of this writing and has risen by 6.35% over the course of the day. The cryptocurrency is currently trying to surpass the $1.50 mark. It would be a 10-month-high for the crypto that powers layer-2 Ethereum scaling solutions.

MACD and RSI indicate that MATIC’s short- to long-term bias is bullish. MATIC’s immediate support is found in the range of $1.2930 to $1.3341, while resistance can be found anywhere between $1.4624 and $1.5060.

Some are surprised at Polygon’s resilience to higher-than-expected US inflation. It is possible that Polygon’s resilience in the face of higher-than-expected US inflation has surprised some.

Take on the Transformation of the Fitness Industry through Web3, M2E

Fight Out wants to be a force in the fitness industry with its Web3 and Move-to-earn technology. This technology addresses common problems such as high dropout rates at gyms.

According to IHRSAHalf of all new members leave the gym within six months, primarily due to lack motivation, connection and personalization.

IHRSA’s report highlights the fact that 17% of American clubs have been permanently closed, and as high as 40%-50% in certain countries. This has left a large portion of the displaced members looking for new options in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fight Out is a complete solution for those looking for alternative options. It includes a customized NFT avatar that displays their fitness stats and gamifies it. This motivates continued engagement as well as REPS tokens and custom workout plans.

Users are encouraged to exercise at home and in the gym with REPS tokens. They can also redeem tokens for discounts on subscriptions and merchandise.

Fight Out will launch its first gym in 2023’s last quarter. It is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, such as Web3-powered technology like digital reflections that display the user’s fitness profile and sensors that track workouts to provide suggestions and information.

Fight Out has a unique approach to fitness by creating a supportive, community-driven, personal, and goal-oriented environment.

This opportunity is also available to investors who invest over $50,000 and receive bonuses up to 50% in token presale. The presale period for FGHT tokens has already seen a total of $4.28mn raised. The next phase will see higher prices.

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Loopring (LRC).

LRC started the new year with an impressive 85.52% for its first month. However, the cryptocurrency has been moving sideways in February. On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency tried to surpass $0.50 psychologically and reached an intraday high at $0.49499.

The price fell to $0.4456 per day due to selling pressure. LRC trades at $0.4457, a gain of 3.9% for the day as of writing. LRC is expected to experience bullishness in the near- and long-term, according to technical indicators.

Support is currently in the $0.3941- $0.4020 range, and the immediate price target remains at the psychological resistance of $0.5000. A potential impulse move could send the price up to $0.5500 if it is retaken.

C Charge Charge Forward with Major EV Market Innovations

The innovative blockchain platform C Charge will allow electric vehicle owners to enjoy smoother, more informed charging and payment processes. Global interest in EVs has led to a shift towards sustainable energy solutions. However, the existing charging infrastructure cannot keep up with this growth, which leads to inefficiencies and unclear pricing.

C Charge will provide a mobile app to EV owners that provides more information on charging stations and their vehicles. The app will give real-time information about nearby charging options, and can diagnose any charging problems.

C Charge will be developing charging stations of its own and partnering with existing charging stations. Users can also pay using the exclusive CCHG token. CCHG’s blockchain technology ensures transparent and fast payment processing.

C Charge users will be able to earn carbon credits via Goodness Native Tokens (GNT) in addition to the streamlined payments. These tokens can be stored in C Charge to be traded and represent verified voluntary carbon credits.

C Charge has raised more than $1.2 million since the presale’s first stage sold out. The token’s value will rise further in stage 3. This is a great opportunity to purchase CCGH, one of the most popular cryptos.

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Filecoin (FIL).

Filecoin is a distributed storage network that offers a secure, efficient and decentralized alternative for traditional storage solutions. Filecoin allows users to store, retrieve and share digital information. It operates on a blockchain network which also includes FIL, a native cryptocurrency.

FIL is currently trading at $7.782 and has risen by 44% in the past day. After trading sideways for 25 days, FIL is now up 44%. The current move has overcome two important resistance levels of $5.683 to $5.893 or $6.560 to $6.981.

The psychological level of $9 is next in line for cryptocurrency. This coincides with an additional significant resistance range of $8.410-8.901.

Calvaria (RIA), Duels of Eternity: Changing the Web3 Game

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new battle card game that will change how we view gaming and cryptocurrency. This game allows players to participate in strategic tournaments with a variety of characters and abilities. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses.

Calvaria believes in decentralization. It gives players full ownership of their in-game assets and resources, as well as the freedom to trade, buy, or sell as they wish. Calvaria’s engaging gameplay is what makes it stand out from other similar games.

The $RIA token is at the core of Calvaria’s ecosystem. It serves as the primary currency for the game’s economy.

You can earn tokens by participating in stakestaking or winning tournaments in “Play-to Earn” mode.

Calvaria is built on the Polygon Network and offers quick, inexpensive, and secure transactions within this game. This eliminates many of the roadblocks that Ethereum network players must deal with.

Calvaria’s development team has ambitious plans for the game. They plan to create seasonal competitions and large prize pool, which will make it well-suited for esports. The team uses a community-driven approach to ensure a reasonable balance between demand and supply, and optimize incentives for all participants.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, in short, is poised for greatness in the world of Blockchain Gaming. It will provide addictive gameplay and real ownership of game resource resources. The company’s cutting-edge technology sets it apart from other games in its category. Those who wish to be a part of RIA can apply on BKex or LBank.

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