Best Crypto to Buy Today 1 Feb – MEMAG and DYDX, FHT, FTM, CCHG

Best Crypto to Buy Today 1 Feb – MEMAG and DYDX, FGHT. FTM, CCHG

Traders and investors eagerly await the Federal Reserve’s decision. First FOMC meeting of the yearMost analysts believe that Chairman Jerome Powell will announce an increase of 25 basis points in the interest rate.

The Fed’s long-term plans are expected to be discussed at his next press conference, which is expected to have wide repercussions in the financial and risk asset markets. What are the top cryptos you should buy right now?

However, it is not uncommon for Bitcoin and EthereumThe crypto market is relatively stable this time around, despite the fact that other digital assets are volatile, which can lead to interest rate increases. The Bitcoin price reached a peak of $24,000 on the weekend, which is the highest in five months. However, it fell to $22,400 Monday.

Bitcoin hovers around $23k at the time of writing; this is a sign that investors continue to trust cryptocurrencies despite short-term volatility.

It is too early to know the long-term effects of the interest rate increase on the cryptocurrency market. Market participants are advised to monitor developments over the next few hours and days.

Historical correlations between FOMC Events and Bitcoin There is a possibility that the crypto market will experience increased volatility. It is important for all participants to be informed and ready for any changes. There are still many great investment opportunities.

These five cryptocurrencies are based on fundamental and technical analysis and are the best to invest in today: MEMAG, DYDX FGHT FTM and CCHG.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Building Community and Bringing Gamers To Web3

The Meta Masters Guild, a progressive organization that focuses on mobile gaming, is about to launch its Web3 Gaming Guild. This network will allow gamers to connect from different games on mobile, creating a trans-game economy based around MEMAG and a single metaverse community. MMG seeks to invent within the Web3 gaming industry to create a unique, player-initiated gaming environment.

MMG’s mission, is to create a decentralized gaming community that encourages interaction, commerce, and team-work through the application of cutting-edge Web3 technology. MMG also offers games designed for players. NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) As well as crypto rewards.

Players will be able to benefit from their contributions and talents by earning MEMAG cryptocurrency. They also have the ability to influence certain aspects of the game’s world.

The transparent economy system allows gamers to trade Gem rewards earned in games for NFT-based items or crypto rewards. These can be converted into real money, NFTs or in-game assets that can be used in MMG’s titles.

MMG has launched Meta Kart Racers, a thrilling racing game that can be played on any mobile device to kickstart the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. Other Web3 games are being developed by the platform and its partners.

The MEMAG token presale is a huge success. Traders have already invested $2.37million, giving the platform a strong chance of launching successfully and making it one the most popular cryptos today.

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The dYdX token exchange, DYDX has been the focus of attention in crypto. It has experienced a remarkable rise of almost 30% since yesterday’s candle close. This is more than any gains made by Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as all other altcoins. The recent issuance by the dYdX foundation of governance tokens to support its Layer 2 protocol on blockchain can explain the price rise in DYDX.

dYdX announced an initial supply of 1,000,000 tokens on August 3, 2021. This initial supply will be available for five years. This allocation was strategically placed to ensure equitable distribution between members of the ecosystem.

The dYdX Trading Inc. Foundation has allocated 27.7% to existing investors and 15.3% to founders, employees and advisors of both organisations. 7% is reserved for future staff and consultants.

It is an important development that the governance tokens were issued. This allows for a community-governed protocol, aligns incentives between traders, liquidity providers, partners, and other stakeholders. This has caused a lot of excitement in the DeFi community, and has increased the price for DYDX.

The potential support levels for cryptocurrency can be found by plotting Fibonacci retracement levels of DYDX’s recent swing. Currently, the DYDX price trades below the FIB 0.236 level at $2.953 and $3.065 respectively with a -4.90% gain for the day. The next support level is $2.532 to $2.608 confluence with FIB 0.382.

The resistance level between $3.221 and $3.306 is the immediate resistance. If DYDX can overcome this resistance and move to the upside over the coming days, then the psychological level at $4 is next in line for this cryptocurrency. This will allow for an additional 21% move.

Fight Out (FGHT), a Fit for the Fitness Masses

Fight Out is taking on the challenge of unhealthy lifestyles through their innovative fitness app, and soon-to open gym chain. This Web3-based platform offers personalized workouts for each user and fosters a supportive community. The goal of this initiative is to keep users fit, have fun, and get rewards.

CoinSniper gives users REPS tokens to reward them for reaching their fitness goals with the M2E App. This is a great motivator and allows you to make money while promoting healthy habits. Coin Sniper verified that the developers of this app are a group of highly-experienced professionals. This makes the coin one the most popular cryptos available today.

Fight Out wants to provide a high-tech, community-oriented gym experience. This will include interactive elements such as user profiles that are displayed on “mirrors”, and sensors for customized fitness instruction.

Fight Out has appointed Amanda Ribas, a UFC fighter, and Savannah Marshall (former WBO middleweight champion), as brand ambassadors to make this project even more appealing. The ambassadors will provide content for the platform, as well as teach master classes and lead other fitness events.

Fight Out’s presale is now available and you can get a 50% bonus for investments over $50K. The presale has already raised prices by more than $3.75million, and will soon increase as it enters its next phase. This makes it one of today’s best cryptos.

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Fantom (FTM).

Fantom, a digital platform that offers flexible and fast services for digital content has been making headlines lately for its remarkable growth. The value of the coin increased 168.57% in January. It closed at USD 0.5366.

What is driving this current spike in Fantom price? An in-depth look at the technical indicators will give you some insight.

Fantom’s technical indicators currently indicate a bullish trend in cryptocurrency. The coin’s 20-day and 50-day exponential moving averages are (EMAs), trending upward with values of $0.4067 and $0.32533, $0.2887 and $0.3527, respectively. This shows that overall the trend for the coin has been upward.

Another technical indicator that indicates a bullish trend is the relative strength index (RSI). The current RSI is 70.67 with a previous-day reading of 77.04 which is considered to be in overbought territory. This supports the bullish outlook on cryptocurrency.

The bullish trend for the coin is also supported by the moving average convergence divergence histogram (MACD). It currently shows 0.0109, while the previous day’s reading was 0.0128. MACD, a momentum indicator, can be used to determine whether an asset is trending. A positive MACD histogram confirms that Fantom is in bullish trend.

Fantom currently trades with a volume volume of 92.275 millions and a volume moving mean of 171.195million. Further insight into the trading activity is provided by the fact that the volume of the previous day was 285.996 millions.

The coin closed at $0.5366 on the previous close. It saw a price change of 11.24% over the previous day. The current price of $0.5094 is -5.05%. The immediate resistance level is $0.6502 to $0.6823. While the immediate potential support level is $0.4416 to $0.4498.

Fantom’s recent price rise is believed to have been due to a variety of factors, including its growth and positive technical indicators.

Eco App C Charge CCHG – One of the Best Cryptos You Can Buy Today

C Charge’s revolutionary peer-to-peer payments platform and rewards program will bring about a revolution in the electric vehicle charging industry. Thank you! Blockchain tech Through key partnerships, EV owners can now easily find and securely access charging stations while simultaneously receiving electric vehicle charging. Cryptography of carbon credit As an incentive.

Investors will be able to purchase CCHG tokens starting at $0.013 USDT in stage 1. Prices will rise to $0.02350 over the three stages. This ambitious project has already raised more than half a million dollars, and it is poised to raise even more funds in order to launch their app.

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