Best Crypto to Buy Right Now 24 February – FGHT. IOTA, METRO. SNX. CCHG

The Best Crypto to Buy Right Now 24 February – FGHT. IOTA. METRO. SNX. CCHG

The hotter than expected market has caused a severe slump in cryptocurrency markets, with the total market capitalization falling to $30 billion (or 3.0%) on Friday. Core PCE in the US Inflation report raises concern that the US Federal Reserve will continue to increase interest rates at higher levels. According to the most recent report, YoY and MoM price pressures unexpectedly increased in January to 0.6% and 4.7%, respectively.

Bitcoin traded at $23,100 when it last changed hands, while Ethereum flirted with a break below $1,600. Markets have increased their Fed tightening bets this year. Money markets are now pricing in almost another three-and-a-half 25 bps move over the course of the next four Fed meeting.

Blue-chip cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may perform well this year if they can overcome macro headwinds. Altcoins are more volatile but offer more upside potential. Investors can make better returns by investing in altcoins.

This list includes a few altcoins investors might want to add to their portfolio. It also includes a few that are trending and a variety of tokens being presaled by promising crypto start-ups.

Fight Out (FGHT).

Fight Out, a new web3-based fitness app and chain of gyms, rewards users for participating in challenges and working out within a unique fitness metaverse.

Fight Out is a holistic M2E application that tracks steps but does not require costly non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to participate.

Fight Out is currently holding a presale for the FGHT token, which will power its Web3 ecosystem. It has raised more than $4.6 Million. The token will be listed on centralized exchanges at $0.033 per token in April.

Investors need to act quickly, as tokens could be secured by investors in the near future. They could have paper gains of almost 40% by the time that the tokens list on exchanges at Q2. Investors need to be aware that depending on how many tokens are purchased and how long they choose not to vest them, they may receive a 67% bonus.

Referral links can be used to get an additional 5% bonus for investors. Fight Out also offers a giveaway worth $250,000

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IOTA, the cryptocurrency behind the Internet of Things-focused IOTA Blockchain, continues to trend higher as traders are excited about major upgrades to the network in the coming year.

IOTA/USD traded at just $0.25 per token when it last changed hands. This was well above its major moving averages, and is still in an uptrend for the year. As long as IOTA holds above $0.24 support, it is likely that IOTA will continue its climb higher towards $0.30.

Metropoly (METRO – More than 50% of the Minimum Goal Now Raised

Metropoly has a bold goal: to transform the realty market by making it more accessible to real estate investors. How? The world’s first non-fungible real estate tokens marketplace (NFTs)

These NFTs can’t be used to buy digital real estate in the metaverse. These tokens are a real ownership stake of a property that Metropoly will rent out to owners so they can make passive income.

Metropoly is currently holding a presale in order to raise funds for its ongoing development. It recently raised 54% of the minimum goal of $1 million. The start-up already has a publication. Beta version Its platform is already very popular and looks amazing.

There are many barriers that prevent traditional real estate investors from investing around the globe. Metropoly hopes that its platform will level the playing field. Investors can start buying property as low as $100. Metropoly’s $1 million giveaway is open to all pre-sale investors.

Metropoly’s Presale is Here

Synthetix Network (SNX)

SNX, which is the token that powers Synthetix Network’s decentralized asset insurance protocol Synthetix Network has been trending up in recent weeks. It, along with IOTA, is also higher than all its major moving averages. The USD/SNX exchange rate was at its lowest in the $2.60s. It had recently recovered strongly from the 50 and 200DMAs of the upper-$2.30s. It is possible that a near-term retest at $3.0 of the recent highs seems likely.

C Charge (CCHG)

C Charge is developing a revolutionary blockchain-based Peer to Peer (P2P), payment system for electric vehicle charging stations. This will enable drivers of electric vehicles to earn carbon credits. C Charge aims at increasing the importance of carbon credits as an incentive to adopt EVs.

C Charge aims to decentralize the carbon credit market, allowing more rewards to be available to the owners of EVs than to the large businesses. C Charge just launched its pre-sale for the CCHG token, which it will use to pay at EV charger stations. The tokens currently sell for $0.017 per token, but this will increase by 60% by the end the presale.

Investors who are interested in investing in a promising, environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency project should act quickly. The project has already raised more than $1.5 million and is in its second stage.

C Charge is offering a $50,000 bonus to investors and has recently decided to implement a burning mechanism in order for the crypto tokens not only deflationary but also deflationary.

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By David Warsh

David Warsh is a leading expert in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of digital currencies and the potential they hold for revolutionizing various industries.