8 years in prison for a doctor who paid $60K in BTC and Dark Web Hitmen

The 56-year old American Ronald Craig Ilg was sentenced by William Fremming Nielsen, a senior United States District Judge, to eight years in federal jail

He hired Dark Web hitmen to kidnap his wife, beat his ex-colleague and then paid them $60,000 in bitcoin.

Maximum Penalty for Doctor

The US Department of Justice (DOJ). Announcement Ronald Ilg will spend 96 months in federal jail and will be monitored for three years following his release. He will also be responsible for $25,000 in restitution as well as a $100,000 penalty.

Spokane, Washington’s former neonatologist. Hire In 2021, hitmen using the Dark Web were said to have injured a former colleague. Ilg specifically requested that the criminals break the victim’s hands and pay more than $2,000 in bitcoin for their misdeed.

His estranged wife was the next victim. Ilg ordered the wrongdoers that he kidnap his wife and inject heroin to her so that she could stop divorce proceedings. Ilg promised to pay them a bonus if they completed the mission.

Ilg’s Dark Web messages were intercepted by the FBI and an investigation began. The doctor initially claimed that he had paid the hitmen to kill Ilg and not other people.

Later, he wrote a letter to a key witness in the case asking her to marry him to control her testimony at court. He even offered to pay tuition for her children’s education at Gonzaga Preparatory School and St. Aloysius Catholic School.

Judge Nielsen, who imposed the maximum sentence, said Ilg’s crime was “really egregious and even evil.”

“A doctor’s goal is to save people and keep them alive. Not to take overt steps to do otherwise.”

Vanessa Waldref, US Attorney for Eastern District of Washington, stated that this case shows how violent individuals can use cyberspace and cryptocurrency to fund their horrific plans.

Richard Barker, Assistant US Attorney, stated that Ilg attempted to make a profit by selling the story to media. He praised the victims for their “incredible bravery” and provided more details about the doctor’s plans.

“Mr. Ilg sent his frightening messages via the dark Web, paid more than $60,000 in ransom to several purported hitmen, but he sought to manipulate his victims and keep them under control. He sent them harassing texts, placed GPS trackers on their cars and even subjected them to domestic abuse.

Case by Jessica Sledge

These cases are familiar to the American authorities, as they were dealt with last summer. Sentenced Jessica Sledge, a resident of Pelahatchie in Mississippi – up to ten years in prison

The FBI discovered the plot after she paid $10,000 in bitcoin to Dark Web hitman. She was sentenced to a year in prison and fined $1,000. Law enforcement agents will continue to monitor her actions for three years.

By David Warsh

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